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Секрет успеха
Выпускница 2002 года Надежда Кузьмина (Nadia Mogilev), художник-иллюстратор (San Francisco, Redwood City, London), работает в качестве фрилансера на известные корпорации, производящие компьютерные игры, выполняет заказы для теле- и киноиндустрии

Short biography:
I graduated from the Gymnasium roughly around ten years ago. In 2006 I moved to the United States to study Illustration and Visual Development at Academy of Art University of San Francisco, followed by an intense art course at Safehouse Atelier guided by a company collectively known as Massive Black.

Meanwhile I have already started to work as a freelancer for a few game studios. Strong education and my early experience gave me a solid jump-start for my career as a Concept Artist* and Illustrator, which later gave me a chance to work for EA (Electronic Arts), a large game developing and publishing company, known for the games like FIFA, Warhammer Online, Crysis, Dead Space, Medal of Honor, Army of TWO, Need for Speed, etc.

I got a chance to work on a world-known title, that have existed for over ten years and also has a massive following all over the world called the Sims. When I started working on this project, I joined a character concept art team, where I got to design witches, knights, wizards, peasants, kings, queens, constables and other folk from medieval ages, as this new version of the game was set in Medieval times.

In 2011 my husband and I moved to London, United Kingdom, where I started working as a freelancer, producing concept art for clients all over the world from my home studio called Twisted Matter. Working in London gave me an advantage of getting my foot in the door of the Television and Film industry and let me create characters, props, environments and creatures for the TV advertisement and movies.

I have to admit - I love my job and I cannot imagine doing anything else. I feel absolutely blessed to do this for a living and this is exactly what I would also do when I have spare time. All it takes for one to achieve such a thing is a simple recipe: hard work, strong will, a clear goal in your head, a battle plan of how you are planning to achieve it and a strong belief that you can accomplish anything you want. Do not be afraid of asking for advice from people who are more experienced than you and be proud of your every little victory. Remember, it is small achievements that lead you to the big results. So go for it!

If you are interested in learning more about my work, please visit my Facebook Page and the website with some examples of my work (please see the links below).


* Concept art is a form of illustration where the main goal is to convey a visual representation of a design, idea, and/or mood for use in films, video games, animation, or comic books before it is put into the final product. Concept art is also referred to as visual development and/or concept design. (Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concept_art)

Role of the English language in my career:
Without having a proficient knowledge of English it would not be possible to get even close to where I am now. I use English 24/7 with an exception of Skype chats with my parents and brother. The first thing I had to do to move to the USA in 2006 was to write a strong essay in order to get accepted to the University.

Once I stepped onto Northern American ground - I had to speak one hundred percent English. Until that very moment I did not realise how important the knowledge of English language was in my life. I caught up with the American accent pretty fast by watching movies, American TV and just not being afraid of speaking up and asking questions during conversations if I did not understand something.

In San Francisco I even learned some North Californian slang words such as "hella" , meaning "very much so", which you won't hear in Los Angeles for instance.

When I moved to London I had to adjust to British English and not just British, but Irish, Scottish, Welsh and other accents of English, spoken by the various nations living in this wonderful city. I have to admit, once I saw Big Ben for the first time, like a record playing in my head, I've heard: "London is the capital of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It lies on both banks of the river Thames…" - one of the English exam topics from my high school days, that some of you might be familiar with, was being recited in my head. That said, I cannot imagine my life without speaking this wonderful language.

And nowadays when the world is so well-connected with the internet, mobile technologies, travelling, international business and world-wide entertainment, where English is a dominant way of communication, it is vital to know this language at the best of your abilities.