МАОУ "СГ №14"

164500, Северодвинск, ул.Торцева, 59
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(8184)569838 - директор, секретарь

(8184)569416 - круглосуточная вахта

(8184)565888 - учительская

E-mail - gym14@mail.ru
Факс - (8184)569838

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Ariana's impressions.
When we first arrived in Severodivinsk I was overwhelmed with the warm welcome we received. It was really nice to get out of the taxi after a long day of traveling and be greeted by friendly people. It must have been about ten o’clock at night but when we got back to the flat, I was given a tour of the flat and then food. The people I have met in this city have been nothing but kind and concerned about me .They have gone above and beyond to make sure I was absoutly happy all the time. They made sure I had enough food, I was enjoying the activities they had planned and was always happy.
I have never met anyone like the people I have met in this city. People remember who I am, and talk to me like we’re old friends. One of my favorite parts of this experience so far is going into the school and talking with the students there. It’s really fun to be able to interact with everyone and share a little with them about my life and to also hear about theirs.
Another part of the trip I really got a lot out of was going to the boarding school today. It was very hard to see those precious kids in a place without their parents, but I think it was very important to see that kids without homes crosses all oceans. It doesn’t matter where we live, people are still people. The same problems happen in all countries around the world. It’s hard for me to see these kids without their family, but they are so happy at the school and are doing so well. It’s really a bittersweet feeling.
I am very glad to have had this opportunity to do this exchange. I think it is very good for everyone to see what other places except their own are like. I am very lucky to be able to experience this and I hope everyone else gets an opportunity to do this as well.

Hello my name is Reilly Lawrence.
I came to Severodvinsk on the 7th of April. I love it here. The people are very kind to us all the time. They care about how we are doing and if we are having a good time. Everyone seems to look after each other in this city. The children help each other out and the teachers work hard for their students. It is very refreshing to see teachers that are so involved in their work and care about every student. In my country many people are not so caring. I have yet to meet someone here who is not accomidating and welcoming. I have enjoyed my stay very much so far and look foward to the rest of my time here. I have learned a lot about Russian culture and tradition and I am very impressed with how knowledgeable everyone is about their heritage. The students at school 14 are also very skilled in the English language. They do not give themselves enough credit. Many of the people I have met here speak with better grammar then my classmates and I. All in all this trip has been an extremely rewarding experiance and I hope to be able to visit again and host students who plan to visit the United States this fall.

Thank you so much everyone!

Coming to Severodvinsk I really had no idea what to expect. I knew the brief history of the city through the Portsmouth Severodvinsk Connection. I also knew it would be cold. What I have discovered here in just five days is that Severodvinsk is a very warm city, rich with culture, intellect, and compassion. The half melted dirty snow on the sides of the street reminds me of winter in my hometown, Lee, New Hampshire. The trash on the ground is unpleasant but the concern our hosts have for it is the opposite. I am very lucky to meet my wonderful host family, the inspirational teachers and students at the school, and the lovely people of Severodvinsk. Everyone I meet puts up with my lack of Russian language skills as well as my personal quirks. As a vegetarian I expected to be eating only little amounts of bland food here. Between my host mother Natasha and the staff of School Number 14’s canteen, I am being incredibly well fed with delicious meals. I don’t know if I will be able to go home next week (I really do love being here) but I do. know that I will return to Severodvinsk. Hopefully my next trip will be in the summer and I will seу the White Nights. To everyone in Severodvinsk and especially those involved with the Exchange Program through School Number 14, thank you for your generous hospitality and delightful company.
Ellen Cole Legard .

Severodvinsk School #14,
I would like to start off by saying I feel very privileged to be able to come to such a city. Severodvinsk is an amazing place on so many different levels. In the few days I have been here I have seen enough for a lifetime. So many monuments, beautiful sites, and schools have taught me many things and I will remember them forever. Without a doubt, if I ever get the chance to return to this city I would take it in a heartbeat.
I think one main difference between our nations is the reactions of the people. Our hosts and guides care so much about us. Always asking if we are hungry, if we need anything, and making us as comfortable as possible is what they strive for. I also like how Severodvinsk is working on solving its economical problems.
Overall I have really enjoyed my stay in this city. I live each day here with a smile on my face that never goes away. I know I will be sad when I end up leaving this amazing place, I can only hope to get another chance to visit it again.
Eric Mulligan

The first thing that comes to mind about the trip to Russia so far is how welcoming the atmosphere is. Good meals are served to us almost everywhere we go it seems (the food in Russia is of great quality), and the people seem very enthusiastic about giving us presentations and leading us in activities. My host is extremely friendly and does a fantastic job hosting, and the impression I get from the rest of the exchange students is that this is true for all of them.
The field trips have all been enjoyable, and very diverse from each other. We have taken a tour of Arkhangelsk and a tour of Severodvinsk both of which were very interesting and informative, and we have visited 3 different schools and have done different activities in each of them. These activities include crafts, dances, games, and watching performances. We have also visited two museums, one of which was a large outdoor museum. We did different activities in each of these museums, which were enjoyable.
One of my favorite things about this trip so far is that there are not chaperones around at all times telling us what to do. After trips and activities, we are mostly left on our own with our hosts to figure out ways to spend the evenings. This is a welcome change from chaperones that are constantly around directing our days.
The Russian Exchange trip so far has been a very rewarding experience for all of us. If it continues the way that it has been going so far, it is promising to be one of the most rewarding experiences that I’ve had. I hope it continues on like this for the rest of the trip, and I hope that these trips do not stop happening for future exchange students.
Logan Miller